CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — 3/28/2022 – S. Vincent Anthony, CEO & President of Caloosa Trains And Hobbies announces plans to open two NEW Hobby Stores in Southwest Florida. The two new hobby store locations will be in the South Ft. Myers/North Collier areas and the other will be in the Port Charlotte/North Port areas.

Vincent said “In-store inventory will be increased by nearly 700% with a wider, larger assortment of Hobby Related items, such as, r/c cars, trucks, planes and boats; an enormous selection of parts and accessories for everything; model kits; model trains. Sporting goods and hunting / fishing departments will be added to each store as well.”

Vincent added “This is a duck on the surface of the water, which under the surface, there’s a lot of movement propelling the duck along!”

The first of the two new stores will open in the 2nd quarter of 2022 and the second store will open in the 3rd quarter of 2022, followed by 1-2 months to outfit each store.

Being able to formally announce this news is really big for our company, its investors and the community. “It’s just going to be a really big boon for the region, said Vincent”. These are exciting times for hobbyists and Caloosa Trains And Hobbies is the leader.

As always, we welcome feedback and the opportunity to discuss our efforts with our shareholders. We thank you for your interest in our vision, achievements, and we hope to welcome you to TEAM Caloosa in the near future!

To learn more about investment opportunities in Caloosa Trains And Hobbies, Inc., please contact S. Vincent Anthony, CEO/President at or by cell (239) 233-7251


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